welcome to paulrasche.com

I'm a Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, and this is my online folio. The artworks are posted from newest down to oldest. They're also sorted into categories, listed over there on the right.

Please feel free to email me at paul@paulrasche.com. Cheers!

The Prick

Shattered logo

Cats on a Fence (original)

Blue Horse

Puppies & Kittens title graphic

Lokus Klassy CD cover

Gary Wilson logo

Sassy Lassy clothing tag

Giggling Girls - logo & business card

Logo and business card for a local beauty salon.

Dare To Win logo

Software diagram for Innovit

Innovit software diagram


Cats on a Fence

My old business card

Ghost Mobile

Copier Taxi Phone

'Green Cylinders' diagram for Innovit

Early diagram for Innovit.

Early iICE logo


Dash Design packaging

Illustration for some dashboard packaging for Dash Design.

My Brother The Borderline Schizophrenic


Angry Ghost

Dragon Crest

Early Innovit logo

My Brother The Borderline Schizophrenic #1