welcome to paulrasche.com

I'm a Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, and this is my online folio. The artworks are posted from newest down to oldest. They're also sorted into categories, listed over there on the right.

Please feel free to email me at paul@paulrasche.com. Cheers!

George & Sausage - Kaboom

Mel & Bruno

Unreal Games logo

Ten Things comic - p1

Ten Things comic - p2

Ten Things comic - p3

Ten Things comic - p4

Ten Things comic - p5

iICE Diagram - Business & Data

Promotional diagram for Innovit's marketing material.

George & Sausage - Dog

Friend of Craigs

George & Sausage - Thirsty

George & Sausage - Slurpee

George & Sausage - Bus Stop

Ten Things - Menu Screen