welcome to paulrasche.com

I'm a Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, and this is my online folio. The artworks are posted from newest down to oldest. They're also sorted into categories, listed over there on the right.

Please feel free to email me at paul@paulrasche.com. Cheers!

Helix Driver Tree splash screen

Revenge bunny

Beaker Bunny

Pearson Xmas invite '08

Lord of the Rings parody

Dogsday poster

Healthcare Case Study for Innovit

Master Data brochure for Innovit

2-sided A4 brochure for Innovit's Master Data Manager software.

Helix Budgeting brochure

GS1net Solutions for Innovit

A 6 x A4 brochure for Innovit's GS1net software. It folded down to A4.

Stoneblok 'At Home' magazine ad

PRA-RACGP banner

Innovit brochure background

TJ Imports business card

Stoneblok brochure

Floorplans for our house

Stoneblok price list

Abu Dhabi Cultural Centre

Air Guitar certificate

Pages from The Tuna Diaries

Pages from The Tuna Diaries

Pages from The Tuna Diaries

Innovit iICE web icons

Rivers Cuomo

Pearson parking map

First Aide Kit logo

Innovit Wirkflo splash screen

iICE Lifecycle diagram

Innovit Process Flow diagram

Innovit logo

A slight tweaking of my original logo design.

Innovit brochure design

Innovit NPC diagram

Helix Workflow Manager sample node

Healthy Food Pyramid header

Icons for Innovit iICE v5.0

Helix Workflow Manager screenshot

Helix Workflow Manager splash screen

G Construct business card

Innovit Workflow Adaptor diagram

iICE Middleware ad