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I'm a Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, and this is my online folio. The artworks are posted from newest down to oldest. They're also sorted into categories, listed over there on the right.

Please feel free to email me at paul@paulrasche.com. Cheers!

Caricature of someone's tutor, I think...


Logo design for ASRIN

ASRIN were a non-profit research organisation based at Deakin University. Not sure if they're still around, but don't blame the logo!

Pearson Xmas invite '03

The Jubjub Bird

Jabberwocky image



White Rabbits

Hallowe'en party invite

An invite for a friend's Hallowe'en/birthday party.

The Liar

Pearson Scanning diagrams

Office Boy page

Sally Sardine

Dog & Sock

Contrariwise cover art

Contrariwise is a graphic novel of mine, completed in 2003.

Contrariwise - Page 8

Contrariwise - Page 3

Contrariwise - Page 20

Contrariwise - Page 18

Contrariwise - Page 4

Contrariwise - Page 9

Contrariwise - Page 2

Contrariwise - Page 10

Contrariwise - Page 22

Contrariwise - Page 1

Contrariwise - Page 12

Contrariwise - Page 23

Five Faces

Old Man


The Mockturtle

Disenchantment Lane #2

Ratt Fink branding


Mascot for Security Company

Happy Demon

Two Clowns


Some B&W cartoon collages

Some more Office Boy pages

Office Boy pages

Office Boy was my first comic book, starting in 96 through to 99 and re-booted a little bit in 2003. These are some random pages.