welcome to paulrasche.com

I'm a Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, and this is my online folio. The artworks are posted from newest down to oldest. They're also sorted into categories, listed over there on the right.

Please feel free to email me at paul@paulrasche.com. Cheers!

The Neptune Kid: 1941

The Neptune Kid - Orphans

The Neptune Kid - Jason

The Neptune Kid - Drinking

The Neptune Kid - Lollipop

The Neptune Kid - TV

The Devil & Billy Corgan

The Neptune Kid - Pure Gold

The Neptune Kid - 20c

The Devil & Billy Corgan

Death Tries To Be Cool - Fred Durst

Death Tries To Be Cool - Shizzle

Death Tries To Be Cool - Hoops

Death Tries To Be Cool - Skeletor

Death Tries To Be Cool - Hook

Smoko With The Blob - Chick from Accounts

Smoko With The Blob - OH&S